Top 5 Workwear Must Haves

A timeless watch

Have you ever been caught in a meeting that you think has run overtime but have had no way to check? A watch is your best work friend and is not only an item that can automatically step up any outfit, but is an essential tool to help you do the job.

A functional bag

A laptop case, file holder and lunch holder all in one - this is the kind of bag that you can carry to and from the office, home and meetings. A durable, leather bag with compartmentalised storage is our pick. Our Leader Messenger Bag takes care of this criteria very nicely if we do say so ourselves!

A tailored blazer

The little black dress of workwear, a perfectly tailored blazer is essential to creating any structured and polished office look. An ill fitting too small or too big blazer can be the be all and end all of an outfit so investing the time in a tailored fit is time well spent. For a casual friday look, pair with a comfortable pair of jeans and boots.

A notebook for quick meetings

For when you are pulled into a last minute meeting or are catching up with a client at a coffee shop, a high quality leather notebook is a crucial accessory. Gone are the days of spiral, cardboard notebooks, we are in a time where no item goes unnoticed and leaving a good impression is priority number 1. Our Founder Notebook can help you out in this department.

A pair of go-to flats

Whilst some of us are used to walking around in heels all day, you need a backup option for when your feet just need a bit of a break. A stylish pair of ballet flats or loafers complement any outfit and provide the much needed relief our feet over need! For long lasting quality and comfort, we recommend only the leather variety.